KMCA is a full-service Hospitality Design Firm specializing in the interior design of upscale hotels and resorts. Founder & President Kathy Moran-Clarson has built a formidable resume consisting of high-profile hospitality design projects over the past two decades. Clients receive “inspiring world class design” in a boutique setting.

Kathy Moran-Clarson, RID, NEWH, NCIDQ

Interior design is transforming a vision into an impactful and memorable reality for all to enjoy. Every day, we are surrounded by a broad array of elements, both indoors and out, that inspire us. Capturing those elements and creatively blending them into design is why I love what I do. With more than 25 years in hospitality design spanning from major luxury brands to small boutique properties, I have witnessed the transformation of spaces, the progression of materials, and the evolution of technology. The result is increased options to create living spaces that exceed our imagination and our client’s expectations. “I crafted and created my own design firm to combine not only the decades of experience and relationships I have, but a team of young, progressive and innovative designers who will push our firm…and our industry forward.” With a wealth of knowledge, an award-winning design portfolio, and the keen understanding of the business side of the creative process, Kathy blends her team’s vast talents to align with KMCA’s mantra: “On Time, On Budget, On Brand.”

Michael Brown, Senior Interior Designer, RID, LEED-AP

“My passion for design has been cultivated out of a keen spatial sensitivity – I have always been hyper-aware of the space around me and ways I can elevate the guest experience,” states the Dallas, Texas-born Senior Interior Designer. Michael jumped into her hospitality career feet-first, moving to New York City right after graduating from Louisiana State University’s CIDA-accredited Interior Design program. She has added many tools to her arsenal since through travel, art, food & beverage design and branding. “I believe in a tailored, hands-on approach to each project. Every space speaks in different ways. My aim is to translate that voice to the guest, creating an experience worth talking about.”

Mariella Burkes, Associate Interior Designer

“I love the continuous play of volume, light and color” exclaims Peruvian-born Mariella Burkes, Associate Interior Designer. “Like different notes creating harmony, I am always intrigued by how original and authentic design can create wonderful environments.” Born to parents who are both engineers and patrons of dance, music and painting, Mariella was shaped by the marriage of science and function, of architecture and art. “Interior design captures all of the curiosity and education of my upbringing, on an intimate scale.” A self-described ‘citizen of the world,’ Mariella is fluent in English and Spanish, well-traveled, with what she says is “an insatiable wanderlust.”

Ric Clarson, Marketing & Business Development

“There is an art to creating successful hospitality partnerships,” explains Ric Clarson. “Thoroughly understanding the needs of the client and their customers come first. Then KMCA can deliver its creative solutions for both.”

Spending the majority of his career in marketing and business development, Ric also brings extensive domestic and international travel experience to KMCA.

“I’ve never grown tired of the discovery that comes with travel. The hospitality industry is ever-changing and it’s fun to be a part of it.”